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Learning modules

Learning modules

The PCC4U learning resources aim to develop capacity in the health care workforce, providing care for people with life-limiting conditions. Within each module or topic you experience the story of someone facing a life-limiting condition. These stories will help you understand why palliative care is a vital part of the health care industry.

Core modules

The four core modules include learning resources related to Principles of palliative care, Communicating with people with life-limiting illnesses, Palliative assessment and intervention, and Optimising function in palliative care.

Focus topics

The four focus topics include learning resources related to Multidisciplinary care, Caring for Aboriginal people with life-limiting conditions, Caring for children with life-limiting conditions, and Culture-centred care of people with life-limiting conditions.


How to use the PCC4U modules

A guide to navigation and using the PCC4U website.