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Activity 9: William - One year later

It's been one year since William's colonoscopy showed he had stage III colorectal cancer, indicating regional lymph node involvement. Over the past year he had a colon resection and six months of chemotherapy. He has been seeing his GP every two months and has been attending the outpatient colorectal clinic every six months for follow up.

On his 12-month follow up, liver metastases were found. His cancer is now considered stage IV colorectal cancer. Palliative chemotherapy is available in some situations to control such advanced disease. However, William has worsening liver function and is physically too unwell to tolerate chemotherapy.

The surgeon has indicated to William that his prognosis is poor. William and his wife Gladys are at the GP's surgery to discuss what the oncologist from the colorectal clinic has recommended.

William - one year later

Thinking points