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Learning modules

Activity 13: Self-care for health professionals

As children with life-limiting conditions are often under the care of health professionals for many years the end-of-life phase and the death of a child can be distressing for health professionals.[1] An opportunity for family and health professionals to talk in a safe environment can have lasting positive effects. [2] Self-care strategies are described in PCC4U Module 2.

Thinking points


1. Baverstock, A. and Finlay, F. (2008). What can we learn from the experiences of consultants around the time of a child's death? Child: Care, Health and Development, 34(6), 732-739.

2. Bateman, S.T., Dixon, R., and Trozzi, M. (2012). The Wrap-Up: A Unique Forum To Support Pediatric Residents When Faced with the Death of a Child. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 15(12), 1329-1334.