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HFTC Case scenario

An interprofessional case study with supporting video vignettes is available.  The aim of this resource is to provide an opportunity for health professional students to:

  1. identify and respond to a series of concerns raised in a palliative care context
  2. promote multidisciplinary team collaboration.

This case, used for the national final of the Health Fusion Team Challenge in 2012, focuses on the multidisciplinary care needs of Ellen who has brain cancer, living at home with her partner Michael. It is suitable for use with a variety of disciplines and is particularly suitable for use in interprofessional education contexts.

Micheal - the carer

Access the case study

Access the HFTC video vignette here

Access the vignette scripts




Tips on using the vignettes:

Use the stem vignette to introduce the case study, then direct students to one or more of the vignettes. In each vignette students can be asked to:

  • Identify and respond to Ellen’s needs
  • Identify and respond to Michael’s needs
  • Discuss what disciplines may have a particular role in supporting Ellen and Michael’s issues in this scenario
  • Explore the key communication requirements for the health professional team in providing quality care for Ellen and Michael


This resource was developed in collaboration with the HealthFusion Team Challenge (HFTC). HFTC is an extracurricular learning experience aimed at improving collaborative care across health professions and forging the next generation of young health leaders. Learn more about the challenge at