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Implementing pcc4u

Implementing the PCC4U learning modules can include:

  • integration as a complete unit or elective
  • inclusion of module or topic sections or activities in a unit
  • reference to content as part of additional readings or support materials.

Provide student access to the learning modules:

  • via this website - provide a link in learning materials or via Blackboard, Moodle or other learning management system. Read more….
  • by embedding the PCC4U content and / or case study videos within content creation applications
  • via USB – contact the project team to arrange
  • via writable Workbook – available on the Implementation Guides page

Customising the resources to suit your course:

The project team can provide tailored support to assist with integrating the PCC4U learning resources into the curriculum. This includes:

  • site visits
  • teaching and learning workshops
  • curriculum and resource mapping activities.

Records of Participation

After completing a PCC4U learning module, the user can download and complete a Record of Participation. It is the responsibility of the individual user to maintain a record of evidence to support the hours of learning claimed.

The pdf writable document can be found on the home page of each module. The pdf will need to be downloaded and saved on your computer or mobile device and opened with Adobe Reader.


The PCC4U learning materials can be adapted for use to support student learning provided correct acknowledgement is made and copyright is maintained. See for clarification and suggested citations.