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Simulation scenario eLearning module

This eLearning module contains instructions, videos and clinical documents required to implement and facilitate a palliative care simulated learning activity. The learning activity aims to develop palliative care graduate capabilities relating to assessment and management of symptoms and communication in the context of existential challenges.  

The palliative care simulated scenario is based upon use of an advanced patient simulator using a mannequin, associated software and clinical laboratory set up. The scenario and accompanying activities align with best practice policies and procedures for implementing student centred simulation activities, including scenario set up and student and facilitator pre-briefing and de-briefing. The scenario itself can be refined and expanded to meet the learning needs of particular student groups and disciplines. 

Implementing a simulation scenario requires planning. This resource provides a framework and underpinning content to support those new to simulation. The module takes the teaching staff step-by-step through the simulated learning experience. 

The Simulation Scenario Student version can be used as a teaching and learning resource. While the simulation scenario is designed to be used in a simulated environment, the eLearning module with accompanying scenario videos and clinical documents can also be used in face to face and distance education. Focus of learning:

  • assessing and managing pain
  • communicating with people with life-limiting conditions
  • working effectively in a team

The Simulation Scenario Student version is available for upload directly into your Learning Management System (LMS). Teaching staff need to contact the PCC4U team ( to gain access to the Simulation Scenario Teacher version.  


Access the Simulation Scenario here